3D Cone Beam Ct Scan

Our office is equipped with state of the art digital imaging technology. All traditional radiographs are taken using low-dose digital sensors. Additionally our Carestream 9000 Cone Beam CT allows us to take highly detailed 3D images which facilitates the diagnosis and treatment of any and all Endodontic problems while greatly reducing the risk of complications. Three-dimensional technology allows doctors to better visualize their patients’ dentition, without having to send patients for radiology scans. Viewing an unprecedented level of anatomical detail helps practitioners diagnose more accurately and treat with confidence.

Benefits include:

     * High-resolution images – your doctor can view your teeth more clearly
     * Less radiation – The unit only radiates areas being treated
     * Improved patient care – your doctor can perform a wider range of diagnoses, helping reduce multiple visits, saving time
        and money
    *  Comfortable positioning – when images are taken, you are facing your dental professional, making the image acquisition
        more comfortable for you

We are here to provide you with superb dental care, every time. If you have any questions regarding our technologies, feel free to ask your doctor or our well-trained staff.